Being Faithful with the Few

Last week I came across this great sermon from Pastor Steven Furtick titled Flip the Bag, and found a few great small group leadership takeaways from the scripture used in his message.

As believers and leaders, it is truly amazing how our God trusts us with so much. Believe it or not He  actually trusts us more than we actually trust him sometimes. 

Take a look at the parable of the talents in Mathew 25:14-30.

1. During the small group semester a leader may only have 1 participant, maybe 2 participants, or even  5 that show up week in and week out regularly. As a small groups leadership coach, I would tell that leader don’t get discouraged. Just be faithful over the few.

A. The servants in the parable were each entrusted with a portion of their masters wealth.  Each given a measure specific to him. 

  • The one who received 5 bags of money (talents), immediately multiplied it and in the end doubled what he was given.
  • The one who was given 2 did the same. 
  • But the one who was given 1, out of fear tucked his away and buried it.

B. When the master returned.  He celebrated the two servants who multiplied what they had received.  But the servant who buried his responsibility was scolded. 

2. Secondly, I would encourage the leaders I coach, that as a leader leading your small groups, remember that our God entrusted us with a portion of his most precious possession. People. 

A. Let us be reminded by this scripture to not discount the harvest that can come from what seems like a small thing. 

B. Just think:

  • Five people stewarded well can reach five more at their job, school, neighborhood, etc. 
  • Two people stewarded well can find freedom in their own lives and go home and break generational curses off of their families.
  • One person stewarded well can be developed into a courageous leader who will reach even more people over time.

3.  So be faithful with the few, and in the end you will hear our God say, well done, my good and faithful servant. Come and partake of your Master’s joy! Let us continue to Lead well for the Well Done from the ONE!

Until next time, 

Write from the Heart, {Just Being} Candice Maria 

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