8 Reasons I’m Doing The Whole30

So, I’ll try to keep this kinda short and sweet!

Oh and before I proceed, let me just say Happy New Year 2020 to all of you who may visit or follow this blog and for my Public Health folks out there Happy HealthyPeople2020! It’s our year ya’ll!

Why I Decided to do a Whole30

So, after some soul searching and researching the process, plus, some reflecting on my personal health, fitness, and nutrition status from the previous years of the last decade of my life, I decided to give this Whole30 program a run! Just to see what happens. I also decided to start after the “global” 1 Jan 2020 start date for this year, as I was still in decision mode up to this point, plus still doing a lot of traveling for work and needed to sort out how to incorporate this into a life schedule void of a real kitchen. So, in essence you can even call this a #latergram

Those that know me or have been following me on social for at least the past 5 years or more know I used to compete in figure bodybuilding and such. So restricting eating regimens are not foreign to me. However, since I retired from the stage a couple of years ago, a lot has changed for me physically and it’s been more than challenging to find a healthy balance, since nothing that used to work, works anymore. Plus, other non-scale related health issues have reared their ugly heads and need to be squelched!

So enter my reasons for doing a round of a #JanuaryWholes30 Reset!

  1. Reduce Joint pain, weakness and muscle spasms: reduce inflammation throughout my body by eliminating foods that trigger inflammatory responses in the body and prevent the need for muscle relaxers and pain meds
  2. Evict Stubborn weight gain: get off a 2 year long 20+ pound plateau and alleviate the strain my now 160+ pound frame puts on my exhausted joints. Plus, when I go to the gym to workout, I look at the lady in the mirror and I don’t recognize her anymore, not to sound vain, but I want that confident, strong, energetic, barbellbabe back! Lol!
  3. Increase Energy: eliminating foods that tax my digestive system, kick my reliance on coffee, sleep better at night, decrease stress, and boost my overall mood
  4. Reset my metabolism: see number two, as well as I want to kick my reliance on fitness supplements
  5. Recognize food triggers: recognize potential food allergies and sensitivities that I may not be aware of already, that can trigger inflammation and stubborn weight gain
  6. Re-establish healthy food habits: self-explanatory, see again number two. I fell off the fit girl, health nut bandwagon 2 years ago and have struggled to get back on and stay on for a while,hence the 2 year long 20+ pound plateau. Now, I’m not going to get as extreme as I have in the past and start competing again, I just want my energy and vitality back. Flatter more defined abs would be nice too!
  7. Incorporate Blood Type Nutrition: During my Whole30, since I’m looking for food triggers, allergens, etc. that cause inflammation and fatigue, I plan to incorporate eating foods that research has deemed are best for my blood type, which is B+. Of course, I’ll just be eating the Whole30 compliant foods. Surprisingly the lists have many similarities; but also several differences. So let’s just say I’m calling this my #Whole30B+ edition
  8. Fasting and spiritual growth: my church will be starting our annual beginning of the year 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, and it falls in the middle of my Whole30. So it gives me a no-brainer of what I will be fasting from food wise. I may also take a social media break during that time to focus on some important book writing projects God has laid on my heart as well as blogging more.

What Can You Eat During a Whole30

Vegetables (including Green beans
Snow or Snap peas)
Natural fats
Select seasonings:
Ghee or clarified butter
Use natural fruit juice as a sweetener
Vinegar and botanical extracts
Coconut aminos
Iodized salt

What Shall You Not Eat or Consume During a Whole30

Sugars (honey, syrups, plant sugars, sugar alcohols, sugar alternatives
Alcohol and Tobacco products
Legumes (beans, peanuts, soy)
Dairy (all animals milk, cheese, yogurt)
Baked goods of all kinds
Junk food
Treats and foods with approved ingredients

Don’t weigh yourself or measure your body until after the 30 days

What Can I Eat For my Blood Type that’s Whole30 Compliant

Green vegetables
Small amounts of Turkey and Beef
Brazil nuts
Hickory nuts
Macadamia nuts

What I Shall Not Eat for my Blood Type that May or May Not be Whole30 Compliant

Whole30 Yes

Whole30 NO
Bleu Cheese
American cheese
Garbanzo beans
Black beans

Research for Yourself

Disclaimer: as with any health, nutrition, or fitness regimen, all plans, programs, systems, etc are not for everybody. Do your own due diligence to determine what’s best for your body type, health, and lifestyle

To learn more about Blood Type Nutrition:

To learn more about the Whole30:

Until next time, Write from the Heart

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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