*God’s Woman* (for the woman who’s at that awkward stage in life)© January 2018

If I never marry

Nor birth a child to hold at my own bosom

I can still say that in this life

And the next

That I knew

And still know LOVE

What is LOVE

Who is LOVE

Life is LOVE

Omnipotence is LOVE

Victory over death and the grave is LOVE

Eternity with Him is LOVE

Though I’ve experienced the mountains

and the valleys of this life

And know not LOVE

I am nothing

Without LOVE

My Life Giver and Sustainer

My Omnipotent friend and counselor

My Victorious partner in battle

My Eternal fire that ignites my soul lighting my path

LOVE the greatest of all things

If I lose hope, or falter in faith

I am nothing

Without LOVE

Not hope, or faith



Until next time, Write from the Heart,

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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