*Make War* © January 2018

I pray and I  write

So I don’t forget

The writings




All in my battle box

Notebook after notebook

Journal after journal

Page by page

A war wages

For my very soul

A spiritual battle

Against unseen enemies

No physical armour

No rifles

No knives or machetes

Just all out evil

But my God is faithful

And lo’ He never forgets

Just as He helped David defeat

The lion and the bear

There is no knew enemy

That can contest His people

For this new giant you face

It’s no secret

It’s really not new

Just reach back in your battle box

That faithful prayer box

I assure you

The solution is already there

You wrote it down

So you don’t forget

Because our God is consistent

He never forgets

For He is

The same today, as He was

Yesterday, and will be



Until next time, Write from the Heart,

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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