5 Reasons I Love Being a “J.A.N.E.”

Around November 2018, I talked about a couple of writing challenges I was going to participate in to help fuel my writing and blogging journey and my personal calling and journey into becoming a published author, which you can read about here: Write the Vision .

One of those challenges was a blogging challenge called #BlogLikeCrazy, created by Javacia Harris-Bowser, Founder of the See Jane Write Collective, a website & community for women who write. In a post-challenge update blog post the month after the challenge, I spoke about the reasons I decided to participate and what I learned from the experience, which you can read about here: Why I Blogged Like Crazy

Several months after my participation in the Blog Like Crazy challenge, I was invited by Javacia to share about my experiences with the blogging challenge and the impact it has had on my writing and blogging journey. My journey, along with other members of the See Jane Write community, was featured in a blog post on Javacia’s website which you can read about here: How Writing Challenges can Boost Your Confidence, Commitment, and Creativity and in my post entitled: Finding My Voice Through #BlogLikeCrazy

So, all of the above was to get to the heart of this blog post, which is about the reasons I love being a “Jane” and why you should consider becoming a “Jane” too!

I found out about the See Jane Write community in October 2018 through Instagram, when I first ran across Javacia’s Instagram account @seejavaciawrite. Initially, I thought to myself, who is this lady and who in the world is Jane? Then when I saw that she was a writer,  I thought maybe it’s an alias of some sort, like an anonymous Jane Doe writing signature or something, but I soon saw that there was more to my initial assumptions. I began to notice information on her page that I could personally resonate with as a Christian woman and writer. I noticed we lived in the same state, attended the same church, and that she was a writing coach. Those three factors lead me to look further into the world of the See Jane Write website and community for women who write and blog.

So the following are my five personal reasons for being a J.A.N.E. and joining the See Jane Write Collective and the Impact it has had on my writing journey:

  • Being a J.A.N.E. helped me to find joy and confidence in writing again after I decided to  make a huge transition in my blogging and social media platforms and online presence, after I shut the front door on the vanity of the fitness industry. I participated in See Jane Write writing challenges, like #BlogLikeCrazy that served as a bridge for my writing during that transitional period of time.
  • Being a J.A.N.E. has helped and continues to help me to write the vision and make it plain, as it relates to my writing goals. Members of the Collective are coached through in person workshops, virtual conferences or summits, members-only write-ins, workbooks and planning tools. All of which have helped me organize my ideas and plans for reaching my writing goals.
  • Being a J.A.N.E. has helped me to stop hiding from my big ideas, and to dream not just big dreams, but also bold dreams, and to write each and everyone of them down.
  • Being a J.A.N.E. has helped me to find support and community for the call to write God placed on my life over a decade ago.
  • Being a J.A.N.E. has helped me to develop my in leadership as a writer and creative and boldly step out and begin the process of creating my own writing community. Currently, I am leading online writing small groups through my church that incorporate community, fellowship, support, and virtual write-ins for other women writers just like me.

So while, See Jane Write writing challenges helped breathe new life into my blogging and writing voice, being a JANE or member of the Collective has helped me to develop who I am as a writer, creative, and leader at my very core.

Until next time; Write from the Heart,

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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