Finding My Voice Through #BlogLikeCrazy

I shared in a previous blog post about the reasons I participated and what I learned from participating in a blogging challenge called #BlogLikeCrazy.

Read. Why I Blogged Like Crazy?

Well recently, I was invited by the Founder of the See Jane Write Collective, which I am a member of, to submit my story about what I gained from participating in the blogging challenge. The following post is the entire entry that I submitted.

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After stumbling across the See Jane Write community in October 2018 shortly after saying sayonara to my fitness blog and launching a new faith-based lifestyle blog in September; I soon learned about a writing and blogging challenge that entailed posting a new blog post every day for the month of November. The name of that challenge was #BlogLikeCrazy!

It’s safe to say that I jumped right in head first because for one; being a competitive person, I love a challenge. More importantly, I also jumped in this time heart first.

For me, the challenge was not about being the best writer/blogger on the net. It was about reCreating myself and being the true essence of who God created me to be as a writer.

The challenge forced me out of hiding space. Taught me not to worry about the things that once held me back from writing about the topics most near and dear to my heart. Every day, I learned something new about myself as a person, a creative being, and a writer. I showed up. I wrote. I published. Most importantly, I felt supported in my efforts, something I feared for a long time that what I felt that God wanted me to write about wasn’t actually the “popular” thing for me to do or write about on a public platform and that it should stay in my personal journal.

This was something I still struggled with since the change in my writing and content voice evolved from all health, fitness, and go hard or go home fitness competitions; to a softer, more faith-based, daily lifestyle tone. Basically where God wanted my content to be from the get-go.


During #bloglikecrazy I learned many things, but the most important lesson I learned was….

“Fear is the enemy of productivity. It doesn’t matter what others think of my writing or writing style, as long as it comes from a place of authenticity.” ~ Candice Maria  

I had to learn to set the standard for the type of audience I wanted to speak to and that I wanted to engage with. The audience that is authentic to me and the type of writer I was becoming.

In the paraphrase of one of my favorite yoga teacher friends;  “Every teacher (writer) ain’t for every student (reader) and every student (reader) ain’t for every teacher (writer). ~ Octavia Raheem, owner of Sacred Chill West, Atlanta, GA.

All in all; the outlook and goals that I have for my blog to date is that I will: Know my tribe! Find my lane! and Run my race!

Write from the Heart,

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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