Women’s History Month SPOTLIGHT Series: Introduction

While it may seem like I’m behind the curve in celebrating Black History Month, this series could not be even timelier. February may be long gone, and since Black History Month is about All Black People and their accomplishments and contributions to events in history and its currently the first week of March and Women’s History Month; which is about All Women and their accomplishments and contributions to events in history, why not celebrate both at the same time. This year, I have decided to combine the two. Why? Because I’m both! I’m a Black Woman! So while Black History is My History; likewise so is Women’s History! So instead of two separate celebrations I decided to celebrate both by writing and blogging on both topics simultaneously! I have also chosen to specifically to highlight the accomplishments and contributions of Black Women Veterans. Why? Because I too am a Woman in Uniform who serves this country. I pray you enjoy this SPOTLIGHT Series on some Amazing 1st’s in Black History, Women’s History and America’s History! Because HER Story IS My Story!

SPOTLIGHT: Women Veterans:

“There are No HERoes without HER!”

~U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

A Message from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:

“Throughout history women have served in the U.S. armed services, transcending traditional gender roles, breaking down barriers, and becoming heroes for future generations to admire.  In celebration of Women’s History Month, VA designates March Women Veterans’ History Month as a time to honor the vital role these women play in American history and recognize their trailblazing accomplishments.

From field medicine and espionage to combat and command, women have paved the way for others to break new ground. Their leadership and courage make possible the previously impossible.

Their impact is evident both on and off the battlefield with many women Veterans making significant contributions to science and exploration, athletics, the arts, public service, and more. They are trailblazers and heroes who encourage us all to think bigger and reach further.”

Until Next Time….#AimHigh


Write from the Heart,

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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