Why I Blogged Like Crazy?

Why I Blogged Like Crazy?


So as I mentioned in the earlier days of this month, that I was taking on the challenge to #bloglikecrazy for the month of November with See Jane Write Collective. A challenge that entailed posting a new blog post everyday for the month of November.


Well it’s safe to say that I jumped head first into it, and cannot be more satisfied with the outcome. I didn’t make a post every single day, but for the 23 out of 30 days that I wrote and posted content to my blog, I learned a lot about myself as a person, a creative being, and a writer. I showed up. I wrote. I published. These were areas I’ve struggled with since the change in my writing and content voice evolved from all health, fitness, and competing  to a softer, more faith based, lifestyle tone. Basically where God wanted my content to be from the get go. So…


During #bloglikecrazy I learned….


  1. That Time can either work for me or against me in my writing. Use it wisely.
  2. That Obstacles whether self-imposed or life imposed create excuses. Control what you can.
  3. That our Possessions, in the form of material, skills, or positions can either elevate or limit us. Use your resources wisely. Work your sphere!
  4. That Distractions are optional. I have a choice of what I acknowledge and what I ignore. Silence the chaos.
  5. That Fear is the enemy of productivity. It doesn’t matter what others think of your writing or writing style, as long as it comes from a place of authenticity.  Set the standard. Every writer ain’t for everybody and everybody ain’t for every writer. Know your tribe! Find your lane and run your race!


Special thanks to Javacia Harris-Bowser  and the ladies of See Jane Write Collective for pulling this Christian lifestyle blogger out of her comfort zone and into the sometimes scary publishing light. I used to keep my faith walk and spiritual life kind of low key. Steered clear of putting my emotions, trials, tribulations, and revelations on immediate display, but instead reserved such writing for my personal journal. However, this month I laid my true writing voice and style on the table like it was at Red Lobster and cracked the shell wide open and what I found was a beautiful mosaic of my  true confidence in my writing abilities that only God can give.


Until next time…


Write from the Heart,


{Just Being} Candice Maria

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