Word Count Wednesday


#WCW it’s not what you think. It actually means

Word Count Wednesday in the writer’s world.

So, my week one #NaNoWriMo word count progress

is as follows:

Pitiful to say the least, but nevertheless the weekend

is almost here. The weekend is roughly the only time

I have to dream, write, and create without interruption.

Unfortunately my weekend at the top of this month

was NOT one such weekend.

My monthly service commitment to the United States

Armed Forces took precedence over my writing over

the past weekend. Plus, my professional student self

had tons of class assignments due as well.

So, it’s time to play catch up with not only my first

non-fiction, Christian literary written work, but also this


Time to write and #bloglikecrazy

Until next time…

Write from the Heart ,

{Just Being} Candice Maria

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